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Today's challenging high technology fields are taxing companies like never before. 
Large and small organizations are under constant pressure to deliver systems and software on schedule and under budget regardless of manpower shortages, high turnover rates and the accelerating pace of technological change.  Many firms are finding it necessary to turn down revenue generating opportunities because their full-time personnel are already over taxed supporting mainstream, core business activities.

ASI Consultants can help you maximize customer satisfaction in these trying times!Automation Solutions is here to help.  Focused on supporting the small and mid-sized consulting and system integration organization, we specialize in providing those services that directly impact your core staff and their ability to  bid, implement and deliver information technology development  projects.  We can provide an entire spectrum of services that concentrate on a structured, building-block approach to constructing and operating systems.

Our core competencies include:

  • Information Technology Consulting
    We have experience with a wide variety of plans and reports that are critical to the success of a large project.  Whether you need a Feasibility Study, Cost-benefit Analysis, System Design, Quality Assurance Plan or Configuration management Plan, we can help.

  • System Development
    Using our own structured development methodology or working with yours, we can help your teams understand requirements, software development plans, design, implement and test software and more.

  • Content Management
    With our strong background in the document technologies, we can help your organizations manage your web presence and legacy information.   We have our own content management approach that can be applied to manage your changing content or we can quickly adapt to you in-house tools.

  • Work Process Solutions
    Business process improvement and the analysis and design required to drive it can tax any organization.  Our consultants can help your organization map critical work processes and understand the people, information, tools and technologies required to optimally operate your business.

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Automation Solutions increases your organization's IT potential!
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